Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Flying Squirrels and Best Come-Out Songs

I'm proud to say I attended my first Flying Squirrels game this weekend. For those who may not know, the Flying Squirrels are Richmond's minor league baseball team. While there are certainly mixed feelings about having a team named the Flying Squirrels, few can deny that with $6 tickets, its a great way to spend an afternoon with a group of friends.

When you get to a certain level in baseball, you get to choose what is known as a come-out song. When you come up to bat, the announcer will say "Now batting, the center fielder, #24, Horace Giggins!" and a sound clip will play as you walk to the plate and get ready to hit. It's a song clip, and while the length can very, last night's were roughly 10 seconds long. It got me thinking about what would be my come-out song if I was a baseball player.

And so I present, in no particular order, my top-10 come out songs:
1. The National Anthem. Everyone would stand and remove their hats every time you came to the plate.
2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
3. Superfreak, by Rick James. No lyrics, just the instrumental that sounds virtually identical to Can't Touch This, thus leaving the whole stadium wondering which song it actually was.
4. Anything by N'SYNC. I believe one of the visiting players last night had "It's Gonna Be Me." Props to you, sir.
5. Say My Name by Destiny's Child. How could I leave my all-time favorite song off a list like this?
6. 10 seconds of crickets chirping.
7. Afternoon Delight, as sung by the cast of Anchorman.
8. Baby, by Justin Bieber.
9. Soulja Boy Tell'Em - Birdwalk. I dare you not to dance up to the plate while this song is playing.
10. Party in the USA. Miley Cyrus. It had to be done.

I highly recommend a trip to the Diamond to see the Flying Squirrels to anyone in Richmond. It's a great time.

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