Thursday, September 16, 2010

Study Breaks with Animals

My friend Chris sent me an interesting story tonight from Above the Law. Apparently at Yale Law School, you are allowed to check out a dog for half an hour. That's right. An actual dog. His name is Monty. It's a great idea. I think it was Plato that once said "the only thing better than a study break is a study break to play with a dog."

In his subject, Chris wrote "Bring this to UR." Well a dog has been done - I say we need to be more awesome and go down a different road to not be copycats. Speaking of cats, the obvious alternative would be to have a kitten to check out, but a lot of people are allergic or just don't like cats. Our school's mascot doesn't lend itself well to the project - no one would want to play with a spider. I would rather just keep working.

And so it is with great pleasure that I announce the 2010 University of Richmond School of Law Students Campaign to Let Us Check Out a Koala From Our Circulation Desk

Koalas are cuddly, adorable, and loved by all. One could easily live behind the circulation desk with the small addition of a small tree and some eucalyptus leaves. They would be great to hang out with for thirty minutes, and would really add some credibility to the new International Center across the street. Oh, and just to clear up any confusion - there is not currently a koala living behind the circulation desk. That's DeVon.

Bottom line: The general morale of students under the academic pressure here could be greatly improved by the ability to make like Dora and leave the real world behind for 30 minutes. You know what they say - the worst 30 minutes with a Koala is better than the best 30 minutes of law school. Incidentally, also Plato.

If you are with me and would totally check a Koala out from the library to play with on a study break, update your Facebook status to say "KOALA." Feel free to like or comment on other statuses that you see. Together, we can throw endangered species lists to the wind and make this happen. Koala!

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