Monday, September 6, 2010

Farm Life

As some of you may know, I currently live on a farm. While I may have initially had some doubts about farm life, I must say that after 4 months I must say I am a big fan. At no time was this more evident than yesterday, when I was making a sandwich. I decided it needed some tomatoes. So I went out in the back and picked one, sliced it up, and put it on the sandwich. Exquisite, to say the least. The food has got to be the biggest perk. Lettuce, tomatoes, squash, and eggs are always at my fingertips - fresh and delicious. It is glorious.

Everyone needs a good hello to start their day. I get a chorus of them every day as I walk from my door to my car. Fine, in all likelihood the goats and chickens are probably trying to express something other than salutations, but its still nice to hear. Full disclosure - sometimes I talk balk. Don't judge, you probably would too.

But one of the most awesome things about the farm life has been watching the peacock babies. Our peacock eggs hatched earlier this summer (3 at first and then 3 more about 2 weeks later) The babies have grown up super fast. I realized recently that in an earlier post I mentioned "peacock babies falling from the sky" but never elaborated on the story. So, here it is. After the first group of babies was born, mommy and daddy peacock decided at some point that they could bring them up to the top of the big tree out front. And I do mean BIG. For a peacock, climbing a tree involves standing on one branch, and hopping up to a branch a few inches higher, then repeating until he/she gets to the top. Well the babies made it up to the least for the most part. I was walking by the tree when a baby peacock came tumbling down from the top of the tree. He landed about five feet away from me in the grass. I stopped, momentarily shocked by almost being hit from above with a peacock baby. What happened next was an amazing moment.

The baby peacock got up and shook it off, and then stared at me. I stared back. I don't know if he needed encouragement, but I nodded towards the base of the tree and said to the baby peacock "you got this." As if on command, he then waddled back over to the base of the tree and began making his way up again. I stayed and watched as he made it all the way up the tree to join the rest of his family.

Bottom line: It's a good life, down on the farm.

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