Monday, May 2, 2011

Final Transmission

It is with nothing but fond memories that I announce this will be the final Blawegsome post. It's something I've enjoyed and I believe its run its course and has reached the time to hang it up. Blawegsome began as a side project to my law school education, and as my graduation approaches on Saturday I couldn't think of a better time to ride off into the sunset.

This blog was started with two goals, and I believe it has accomplished both. The first was to finally beat my friend "Less Than Three," the man who is good at everything, at something. I recently received a text message confirming his surrender. Check. The second goal was to bring news and commentary on ridiculous and entertaining world events to my faithful followers. I've done my best.

It's been a good ride. Whenever I go home, my mother asks me what has been going on with the Large Hadron Collider and TrashBerg. My father remarked once that my blog was "pretty well written," which is extremely high praise coming from my old man. My friends nag me about my lack of posting. Signs that they care.

While Blawegsome comes to an end, the threat remains. Trashberg continues to expand, as does the Trashberg monster that lives inside. The Large Hadron Collider moves closer and closer to its full-speed fire-up in late 2012, "coincidentally" coinciding with the predicted Mayan-calendar Apocalypse. And while silent since their instant destruction of thousands of fish and birds, Aliens remain lurking above and beyond. I hope my warnings and call of constant vigilance do not fall on deaf ears before it's too late.

Besides awareness of these threats, my other hope for the future is that continues to post ridiculous headlines. They are truly entertaining and a blessing to all of us.

There will be days when I will have the urge to post. The day the next fast food masterpiece hits the market, blowing the KFC Double-Down to pieces. The day the first 100th anniversary Titanic memorial cruise pulls out of the harbor. When the phrase I have been bringing back "That is neither here nor there," actually comes back. When someone invents meat that tastes like animal crackers. And when someone opens a restaurant where everything is served on a stick.

It's been an honor bringing you the stories of the day. I cannot express my gratitude to my readers, especially all my law school friends who would tell me they liked my post the next day when they saw me, or anyone who sent me stories to post about. I wish I could have done a Profile in Awesome on all of you guys. A special shout out to Hornbook, Blawegsome's number one fan. But to everyone, a sincere thank you - you made writing about Snuggies while wearing a Snuggie even more fun than it already was. And that is truly saying something.

All the best,
-Only My Couch Knows Me

PS DeVon really is a superhero. Just sayin'.